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Top 5 reasons why you should get a credit card

While credit cards are criticized for being debt channels from time to time, there is no denying that also has helped millions offering comfort and easy access to funds in the most crucial moments. As such, it’s no surprise why there are still millions of cardholders in the United States alone. Most of them have not only a Charter; Many carry more plastic everywhere you go. Although some experts blame the use of tabs for maximum economy of today, actually offer more benefits, especially for the responsible spender.

Here are the 5 main reasons why you should get a credit card:

Capacity for construction loan

The most obvious reason why people use credit cards is because they want to establish their credit history. Credit cards are the most efficient tools that exist today. If you shop with it until it stays open and in good standing, information will be continually added to report on a monthly basis, thereby helps you build your credit. Much depends on credit score good nowadays, so it’s crucial to keep the construction loan efforts.


Most cards these days come with attractive bonuses. Free credits, cash and education stuff are only among the most common awards can receive. Some can even save up to 5% on every purchase. All these cannot be obtained when you choose to use cash on a card.


There’s a reason why credit card is called “financial instrument.” Makes it easier for you to bring virtual cash around. Of course, it would be costly and unsafe to carry huge amounts of cash with you. It is not recommended to bring a checkbook nowadays. Practicality is what offers a particular card to purchase goods and services.

Fraud protection

Most of the cards that you can apply for this $ 0 fraud liability today. This means that you won’t be charged if there are no purchases made after you have reported the loss of your card. This feature is not present in other vehicles of expenditures, including a debt and a checking account. No other payment method can give fraud protection-not even the cash.

Earn interest

If you are highly organized into using the card, you can earn interest. Not everyone who has a credit card that earns interest, but you can enjoy this privilege if you first apply for a card that has 0% intro APR on purchases and then set up a debit account for the minimum required payment each month. Take note that you should not miss a repayment before the end of the grace period, which is usually at least 21 days. If you do, you may lose the offer of 0% and will not earn interest with your card.

Now what you want to do is use the card for shopping, but remember to always stay below your credit limit. Finally, put the money that will be used to pay off the card each month on the savings account. Thirty days before the expiration of the agreement 0% APR, use the money in your savings account to pay the remaining balance on the card.

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